I have training in a variety of cinema production equipment, from video to lighting to sound. I personally own gear, and have connections to source any gear you might need for a project.

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud software: a platform that provides tools for video editing and compositing, audio and sound design, as well as photography and graphic design. Adobe software is now considered to be the industry standard, and is used in a majority of blockbuster motion pictures.

I have years of live production experience and have personally designed, scaled, and directed the video production team for a multi-million dollar company that delivers live video via a mobile production studio.



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About Me


I am a filmmaker living in Dallas, TX. A hard working, talented, knowledgeable, and professional team player eager to apply my video production skills to create one of a kind media that blow away client expectations. A valuable addition to any production, I am extremely reliable, results driven, and always maintain a fantastic attitude on and off the set.


After graduating from The University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Technology in 2010, I have gone on to self-produce award winning short films and even direct and shoot my first feature film. In the freelance production field, I produced videos for a wide array of corporations, my most notable being a documentary television series Vindicated for BET. As a result of working with seasoned producers, I know how to carry a media project from start to finish while ensuring total satisfaction.


I am the owner of Mediaforce Productions and teach Advanced Digital Video at the University of Texas at Dallas. Matthew Cowling has worked on several video production projects with me. I am a small company and use freelance production people when needed. If I was a large enough company that hired employees Matthew would be at the top of my list to hire. Matthew is reliable, responsible, honest, and very creative. He is a self-starter, motivated and easy to work with, which I consider to be very important. He has a passion for production and it shows in his work. I feel strongly that he will be an asset with any company that chooses to utilize his talents. I highly recommend Matthew as a great addition to any company or organization.

Terri Howard-Hughes, Owner, Mediaforce Productions